Delphiniums at the Torrance Civic Center

Delphiniums planted outside the Torrance Public Library at the Civic Center by a group of volunteers in March 2012.


A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up to make new trees. — Lawrence G. Lovasik

A few weekends ago, the kindness of the few has progressively blessed the lives of many.  Our fast-paced generation has drilled us to unintentionally take for granted the simple things in life.  With our calendars dragging us here and our appointments demanding us there, it’s hard to take a pause.  It seems like our only pauses in life are those moments when we sit idly in the car, waiting for the very much despised red light to turn green.  Even then, we impatiently obey the light signals as we eye our digital clocks in our vehicles.

Well then, on with it!  What is this kindness you speak of?
Ok, I’ll explain.

Well last month, a group of volunteers came together the last weekend of March and, despite the rain, joined together with shovels and rain ponchos and planted.  The flowers in which they planted, is in fact, our very own city flower.  The hybrid delphiniums, our city flower since February 1964, has graced our grassy plot on the southwest side of the Civic Center with the help of volunteers since then.  Though easily neglected when rush hour huzzbuzz and to-and-fro traffic occur, they continue to stand proud and tall, even through thunder storm rain and lightning, hoping to spread cheer to those passing by.

John Ruskin, leading English art critic of the Victorian era couldn’t have said it better:

Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty, if only we have the eyes to see them.

The volunteers who planted the delphiniums on March 24th will soon fade and become only a memory for those who participated that day.  However, we can count on their deed living on through the legacy of the flowers.  And for all those who stop and marvel at the royal hue of the delphiniums?  Nature: 1   Calendar: 0

Volunteers, you folks are awesome!  You continue to drive our city, our community, and our programs.  Thank you!