Audrey D’Acquisto posing with “9 – 0” balloons.


Living is the art of loving.  Loving is the art of caring.  Caring is the art of sharing.  Sharing is the art of living.

– Anonymous

April 15 -21, 2012 celebrates National Volunteer Week, a national recognition proclaimed by the Mayor to honor and commemorate all the hard work and time donated by volunteers in our community.   Though April has come and gone, volunteers continue to serve wholeheartedly and give their best to drive our programs.

We will be sharing our 19 special volunteers, recognized for Volunteer Week at the City Council Meeting, with you throughout the next several weeks.  These avid contributors to the city were each nominated by their supervisors as the “Volunteer of the Year” for the program that they serve.  May these individuals and their stories inspire you and serve as an encouragement for our community!

Audrey D'Acquisto

Audrey D’Acquisto pictured with Mayor Frank Scotto at the City Council Meeting (Tuesday, April 17, 2012) for National Volunteer Week.

Audrey has volunteered at the Farmers’ Market for 4 years.  She joined the Farmers’ Market after retiring from the Community Services Department in the City of Torrance.  She is the main greeter at the Farmers’ Market Information Booth and works every Tuesday and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.  If you have lost something in the market or left a package behind, you might hear Audrey announcing it on the microphone.  If you wish to purchase water, a new apron, or a reusable bag, Audrey will be happy to sell it to you.

Three words that capture the volunteer spirit of Audrey: Steadfast, Loyal, Cheerful

Thank you, Audrey – for all that you do!