News Flash!  The City of Torrance Public Library has opened two new volunteer opportunities for the community!  We have a few needs and we hope you can help out!

Family History Researcher
Many city libraries offers this as a resource to the public, but the Torrance Public Library is one of the handful of libraries that offers this resource to the public for free.  The Obituary Search Program is unique because it is a program created to help people re-connect with their family tree. 

  • How It Works:  First, a request for an Obituary Search is submitted.  The submission of request could be initiated by anyone (not just from the City of Torrance) and can be submitted online through the City of Torrance Library website.  Requests will include the decedent’s full name and date of death.  Once the Library receives the request, a Family History Researcher will then sift through historical microfilm columns of the Daily Breeze or the Torrance Herald. 
  • How You Can Help:  Usually staff members of the Torrance Library is assigned the role of a Family History Researcher, but due to budget cuts and the high demand of attention in other areas of the library services, there are fewer staff members who are able to invest their time for obituary searches.  We know the importance of this resource to the public and would love to continue this service to our patrons and community.  We seek your aid!!  Training will be provided.

Library Greeter
Max Eastman once said: A smile is the universal welcome.
The ultimate goal of the Torrance Public Library is to service the community.  When people think library, people think books.  What our public library hopes to also achieve is the positive association to our libraries for all the variation of resources it provides, and not just the books (though books are indeed awesome.) 

  • How It Works:  Frequent patrons of the libraries usually knows where everything’s located and what services the library has to offer.  More often than not, that’s what we assume.  We musn’t assume that everyone coming in knows exactly what they’re looking for and how to find it.  The role of the Library Greeter extends that extra touch to all Library patrons whether be it a newcomer or a frequent friend.  The Greeter will be the first person all patrons sees at the front of the entrance.  We hope that extra smile and resource can add to the positive experience for our public library.
  • How You Can Help:  Do you love libraries?  Are you outgoing, friendly and able to assist others?  We’d love to have you and your enthusiastic energy join our library team!  Familiarity with the Library’s current programming schedule of events and meetings will be helpful.  Additional training will be provided! 

To apply: Visit the City of Torrance Volunteer Program website to submit an online application.  Specify your preference in the Assignment Preference drop-down menu portion of the application.  For more information, you may call the Volunteer Program for assistance: 310-618-2956.