For avid historians and photographers, this could be something up your alley!  We’ve opened up a new temporary volunteer position to help out with a project for the month of June 2012.  Take a look below and see whether there’s anyone in your circle of family or friends who can help contribute one way or another!

Centenniel Photo Contest Promoter
Contribute to a legacy by helping The City of Torrance preserve its 100 year history.  Leadership Torrance 2012, a program of the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the City of Torrance, is planning a photo contest and photo collection drive in order to capture the evolution of our City within the last 100 years. We invite you to contribute to the photo contest as one of the Centennial Events and share in our grand milestone in City history. 

  • How It Works: There will be multiple events throughout the month of June where we’ll request the help of volunteers to distribute flyers.  Our hope is that through the distribution of flyers, word will spread to all four corners of our city so that people young and elderly can contribute what photos they have of Torrance to celebrate our history.  A photo contest will then be held and winners of this contest will have their photos displayed at our July 22nd event at the Toyota Museum as well as the Torrance Public Library for a month.  All submitted photos will be turned over to the Torrance Historical Society.
  • How You Can Help:  If you’re able, willing, enthusiastic and have a desire to help preserve Torrance history, consider contributing a few hours to help spread the word.  We need you and people like you!  Additionally, the first scanning/collections event will be held at Mimi’s Cafe located on Crenshaw Boulevard on June 6th.  Training instructions and materials will be provided.  Must be 18 or older to volunteer and must pass a fingerprint background check.

To apply: Visit the City of Torrance Volunteer Program website to submit an online application.  Specify “Centennial Photo Contest Promoter” in the Assignment Preference drop-down menu portion of the application.  For more information, you may call the Volunteer Program for assistance: 310-618-2956.