Here’s a great opportunity to make a difference!


With Summer in full swing, there is a shortage that traditionally takes place this time of year and officials are asking for your help.

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is looking for blood donors with type O positive and O negative blood. Due to workplaces, schools and colleges being out on vacation, there are less blood drives taking place. As a result, the hospital has 50% less blood than what they normally have. Blood is needed for children with severe sickle cell disease who receive transfusions every month. According to the hospital, patients treated for cancer, premature infants and children having heart surgery also need blood and platelets from donors of all types, especially type O. The only blood type that can be safely used in premature babies and infants younger than 4 months.

The Blood Donor Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is open this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from…

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