It’s never too early to get engaged in local government and your community, and Students in Government Day is a great way to do so! We highly encourage any and all eighth grade students to apply to this amazing program.


The City’s popular Students & Government Day program is back, encouraging youth participation in community affairs.

Eighth graders interested in applying this year are asked to submit a 100- to 150-word essay on the question: The 26th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution grants U.S. citizens who are 18 years of age or older the right to vote. What can you do now and in the next few years until you are 18 to prepare yourself to be a well-informed voter and how will this preparation help your decision making? 

Information and forms are available at local schools and online at The deadline for application is Tuesday, Feb. 10.

Selected students will invited to take part in various activities including shadowing the Mayor, members of the City Council, and executive staff in their jobs. Students then act in those roles they shadowed. Participants will open a regularly…

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